Email from Lisa De Los Santos sent to Interim Mayor and current City Council

Email from Lisa De Los Santos sent to Interim Mayor and current City Council

OCT 8, 2014
Good morning, I was a resident at Mission Trails MHC for 3 years, I
have relocated to a community outside of the city to hopefully avoid
the same problem again.  I understand he development of the cit being
necessary, however I don’t understand how so many lives are affected
by this.  There are vacant buildings everywhere with plenty of
property surrounding.  A good example is the old drug rehab building
at the corner of Mission Road and Mitchell, why couldn’t that have
been used?  But then again who would want to live next to the Juvenile
Detention Center is what I am assuming the reason being.  That is
really not a good excuse, considering it is good enough for the rest
of the community surrounding.  I also feel the amount of funds we were
given can nowhere near replace the life we were living, that is the
purpose of the lawsuit which should’ve been done when the problems
started.  Or that I will blame the city for not stepping in and taking
control of a bad situation.  I made plenty of complaints with Code
Compliance which I felt were ignored,  I though the purpose of having
council members was to better their community.  I really don’t feel
like our representative (Rebecca Viagran)has done anything to help.
She has appeared 1 time that I am aware of and nothing but broken
promises.  I realize the community was in bad condition but I do
believe if something had been done things would’ve changed. I
personally think selling was not the answer, helping would’ve been a
much better solution.  I have now moved and so far am ok with my
setting. I did receive internal damage to my home which from the way
things look I will have to pay more out of pocket, since we are not
receiving the help we really need.  We have asked the community for
help and have received nothing from them.  It is really sad to watch
your home be driven down the road with no mercy for what your life
was, have you ever had to do that?  It is not a very good feeling
especially when all the support you have is neighbors from the
community you live in.  One good thing that came from this is the
community became much closer, that is what made it even harder to
part.    I would like to invite the council members to visit us at
either our location or yours.  The pending lawsuit should have nothing
to do with the fact human lives are being affected in a very negative
way.  We hoped this would be a good change but so far it has been
filled with nightmares of demolition and destruction.  Please accept
my invitation for a visit, I can meet at Mission Trails or at your
office,  please let me know a good time I can be contacted at
210-###-####.  I have moved but am not ready to call it quits, there
are still some great families left behind at Mission Trails MHC!!!  I
refuse to call it the new title which to me means  someone is wishing
this was all hidden.  I do have a voice and I will be heard one way or

Thank you, Lisa De Los Santos

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