Homeless During Relocation, You Can Help

Judy sits outside of her broken trailer home in her wheelchair, waiting to see what will happen.

Judy sits outside of her broken trailer home in her wheelchair, waiting to see what will happen.

Judy (a paraplegic) and her husband (three time heart attack survivor), residents of the Mission Trails Mobile Home Community, became homeless during relocation after being displaced by developers. Please consider helping.  We need your support. Thank you!

Judy's trailer being propped up where it would otherwise be breaking off.

Judy’s trailer being propped up where it would otherwise be breaking off.

Judy and her husband, residents of Mission Trails Mobile Home Community own a mobile home built in the 1960s.  They were set to move to Lackland Mobile Home Park at the beginning of this week.  A moving company (believed to be called Mobile Home Headquarters) attempted to move the home earlier this week and it started to break from one end before making it out of Mission Trails Mobile Home Park. It was moved back, close to it’s original lot.

A second attempt was made to move the home last Wednesday.  The other end of the house broke.  The home was rolled back, just to the end of a streetway inside the park.

In preparation for the move, the moving company told Judy to leave certain belongings in the trailer prior to moving it.

When the trailer broke, the mover was disrespectful to her husband and tried to blame them.  The mover wanted to leave the trailer in the middle of the street but Judy talked him into moving it closer to the area where it was originally.  This was still in the street, a very dangerous spot since they are still living there and there is very little lighting in the mobile home park.

Judy is a paraplegic and uses a catheter.  Her husband is in his late 50s and is a survivor of 3 heart attacks.  They are on a fixed income and cannot afford the cost of relocation.  They have been living without electricity or water for days. The home was disconnected from water and light sources days ago so that it could be moved.

With nowhere to go Judy and her husband have lived there without water and light for the past several days. They also fear theft of the belongings still left inside and pushed to the center of their house, on one of those nights, someone tried to come into the trailer while Judy was inside.

They were moving to Lackland because they felt they had no other choice.

That park is offering $99/month lot rent for a year, before it jumps back to the regular rate of $319/month.  Lackland also waived their mobile home restrictions to allow Judy’s older mobile home into the park.

Volunteers worked to get the couple free storage for 2 months from Space Savers #3 on SE Military Dr. and are working to raise funds to cover the unexpected expenses of this transition.

On Wednesday, volunteers and residents also made calls to City Council District #3 and other city services looking for emergency relief for Judy and her husband.

Community supporters and the media showed up to support Judy and her husband.

See Telemundo coverage here: http://www.telemundosanantonio.com/noticias/Continuan-desalojos-en-Mission-Trails-casas-moviles-sur-san-antonio-280179542.html

At that time the office manager at the Mission Trails/ Mission Escondida told the press they were not welcome on the premises to interview the residents, to do that they would all have to go outside the trailer park. She told the media that they could interview her, however, in her office.  After speaking with her for some time she left and residents were interviewed.  Residents reminded her that while there was insufficient security for trash dumping and theft on the property, it was strange that the media was a top security matter.

After all of this, Mission Trails/Mission Escondida and Lackland partnered to offer professional movers and a storage pod to remove all of their belongings from inside the house.  They have offered to make repairs to their home so that it can be moved to Lackland by the end of next week. Mission Trails/Mission Escondida has reserved hotel stay for the couple until next Saturday.

For now, their most immediate needs are listed below: If you can help support this couple as they continue their struggle for safe housing, please send your donation directly to the family’s bank account: at Wood Forest National Bank: 113008465.   

If you would like to donate needed items, you can drop them off at 2039 Steves Ave. or call 210.262.0654 for more information.

Survival needs include:



-hygienic products: wipies, adult diapers

-water for drinking and bathing

-laundry supplies, laundry money

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