How You Can Help

  • Research assistance
    • Help us complete interviews! Since April of last year we have completed interviews with 42 households and have 34 left to contact and interview. All interviews are conducted over the phone, and no experience is necessary–we will train. Bilingual interviewers preferred.
    • Help us transcribe interviews. We have about 15 audio recorded interviews that need to be transcribed so that we can enter data into our online survey program. Volunteering to transcribe even a couple hours a week helps immensely.
    • Help us translate research findings and web content.
    • Help us with visual communication of research findings (creating maps and charts, website assistance, graphic design of final report)
    • Bilingual interviewers and transcribers especially needed.
    • If you can help, please contact
  • Housing Commission
    • Attend monthly meetings of the city’s Housing Commission and its Resident Retention subcommittee and take good notes
    • Help text/call residents to inform them of upcoming meetings
    • Give rides to residents who want to come but need transportation
    • Push the Housing Commission to treat former Mission Trails residents as expert consultants to resident retention and mobile home policy. For details on when the Housing Commission and its subcommittees meet, see here.
  • Direct support/case management. Many former Mission Trails residents, as well as mobile residents who remain in the Mission Reach area, are dealing with complicated legal, economic, and health situations. While the goal of Vecinos is to change policy and build autonomous, community-led networks of support, we also provide direct support to individual residents:
    • Research and communicate information on assistance programs, legal resources, and city processes
    • Translate documents and applications
    • Provide Spanish/English interpretation at meetings, interviews, appointments in person and/or by phone or email
    • Provide transportation to meetings, interviews, appointments
    • Provide professional mental health services (especially free or discounted) or refer us to these services
    • Provide legal assistance and advice for residents dealing with housing issues, especially in mobile home parks
    • Help one former Mission Trails resident investigate circumstances around an assault/domestic violence situation affecting another former resident
  • Financial Support
    • Vecinos de Mission Trails is in the process of incorporating as a 501(c)3. Once this process is complete, we will provide details on how/where you can make a tax-exempt donation. Until then, we still need donations of both money and time/labor to support specific needs of individual residents. In particular we need:
      •  Skills and supplies needed to construct a working bathroom in a house
    • Here are some ways you can help raise money:
      • Donate a portion of monies raised at an existing event
      • Offer a percentage of your sales at your place of business
      • Plan an event to raise money and awareness
        • Please let residents and volunteers know about the event you’re planning –we can help with outreach and promote the event PLUS+ knowing about community efforts to support Mission Trails serves to raise morale!
      • Collect Change for Change!  At your next meeting, party or reunion, please pass around a container and ask attendees to donate any spare change they might have to offer toward the fundraising for residents of Mission Trails.  Carry a pen with the container for easy check-writing too! ☺
      • Donate extra clothing and used appliances to community rummage sales benefiting Mission Trails
      • Post unwanted furniture and large appliances on Craig’s List/Facebook/ and donate your sales or a percentage to Mission Trails residents

If there are other ways you’d like to support, please contact us at | 210.262.0654.  Your suggestions are welcomed!


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